Costa Rica!

Pavones 4th June DSCN0490 With all the necessary paperwork ‘pretty much’ sorted at the border we drove to Pavones, a very small little fishing/ surfing town filled with gringos! A beautiful coast line with a really super fun long long long left-hand wave. DSCN0492

We asked around for somewhere to camp or even a room but everywhere was booked out- a big swell had just arrived and surfers were flocking. Eventually, we got the heads up to go and ask Maximo the caretaker of a a property, that will soon be a small hostel. He charged us $5 a night to set up our tent and use the facilities, which were quite good for a construction site- little kitchen and bathroom.


We stayed for the swell and enjoyed the company of a Spanish couple, who were also camping at Maximo’s. When the surf went flat we carefully packed up our fragile tent and hit the road again.

Dominical 7th June After several arguments about which road to take, we found it, a little town with a big beach. Tomy did some good Argentina bargaining and so we set up the tent in the raised open shed, great invention for a place that has a serious rainy season and settled in knowing that we don’t have to do anything or go anywhere for a week! DSCN0583 We surfed the fun beach-break and explored some epic waterfalls- bloody mission to get to but well worth it. Waterfall Poza Azul (blue hole) was a little tropical oasis. It had a steep path leading down to it. A little rope swing, which a young local boy was happy to show us how it worked. The waterfall was about 10m, cascading into a perfect little blue swimming hole.


The other waterfall was the mission. We hiked in our all-terrain shoes (thongs) just a rocky, muddy, up, down, lazy 4km. On the final step decent to the pools I had a blow out in one of my thongs, barefoot it is then. The waterfall was incredible. One was about 45m and the second drop about 25m. The second pool you could swim in but it was a bit sketchy, lots of water flowing in and out the other side. We had a well deserved swim and ate a mango before heading back out the muddy track.

DSCN0634 DSCN0620

We spent the rest of the week, playing with Friolito (the little puppy), watching the world cup, surfing, collecting mangos, pawpaw’s and avocados fallen from trees onto the street.


Before we new it we were packing up the tent and back on the road the next adventure to visit one of Costa Rica’s many national parks.

Manuel Antonio National Park 14th June 2014 Costa Rica has around 26 National Parks so it was only fair we visited at least one. We arrived in the afternoon and found an overpriced backpackers to stay at, as nowhere would let us set up our tent. We meet some Costa Ricans from San Jose and had a few beers while we watched Costa Rica beat Uruguay in the world cup. The next morning we got up  early in the hope to bet the crowds into the park. It paid off, as we were the first ones to this little beach.


We wondered around in search of a sloth and we found one eventually. Looked like a giant fur ball stuck up in the tree. The howling monkeys woke up and sun came out. We saw the most amazing electric- blue butterfly, it seemed to flash as it waved its wings. Well worth the visit.


We had had enough of the backpackers and the town was a bit of a gringo tourist hub, so we decided to head off up the road to Santa Teresa.

Santa Teresa 16th June After a quick stop in Jaco- one of the dodgiest city’s we have stayed yet, we made our way up to the little surf town of Santa Teresa. Another long beach with plenty of fun easy waves to surf.


We found a little place we could set up the tent, right on the beach. A little outdoor shower, a shed to cook in out of the rain, we even cooked on a fire a few nights to try and save some gas on our stove.


After about 5 days we decided it was time to head onto the border. On the last night we treated ourselves to dinner and agreed it was probably the best meal out we have had so far on the trip (not that we have eat out much!) and even better we didn’t have to wash the dishes. It’s the small things in life. Anyway it was early to bed so we could get up and on the road to the border of Costa Rica/ Nicaragua. IMG_9836


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