The Boom- Northern Nicaragua

Friday the 1st of August

Friday afternoon we arrived at the Boom and found a nice place to stay, quite a bit more luxurious then the dust bowl campsite that we had endured at Popoyo.


The Boom is a beach break famous for barrels and the sound the wave makes. We surfed some fun waves and waited for the swell. Tomy and I even shared a barrel on our boogieboards, which was entertaining. 10577177_10153091023581165_2011334750224648387_n After an early morning surf we decided to try and find a nearby Volcano called Cosiguina, which is on the very north peninsular of Nicaragua. After about an hour or so of driving and multiple stopping to ask for directions we arrived at the end of the road and parked Jimmy. We asked the family that was living there to look after him while we were gone. Its kind of strange asking someone to look after your car when all they have is a shelter made from black builders plastic and a few necessary living items like pots and pans.

A few simple directions and we headed up the track, through the field of watermelons and began the steep climb up 872m. Wearing our normal flip-flops and only fuelled with one water bottle and no lunch we eventually made it and it was totally worth every step up. The crater was massive and looking straight down inside it was incredible. It felt like we were the only tourist to ever guide ourselves up this volcano, it really is off the beaten track.

10599157_10153091012126165_8959772276237121615_n 10584099_10153091012081165_8554049890058787086_n

The creator was 2.4km diameter, we didn’t walk around the top our bellies were hungry and our legs still had to carry us down. It is 500m deep; the locals say you can hire a guide and abseil in to the crater and camp at the bottom, maybe next time. The volcano last erupted in 1859 so it seems like we were pretty safe to hike up this one. However, in 1835 it recorded the largest eruption in Nicaragua. Apparently ash was found as far as Mexico and Jamaica!


On the way back down we enjoyed the benefits of freshly picked watermelons. Although, the boys did turn into cavemen trying to open them. Tomy was quite successful using a Jacki Chan punch. After a few days we had to move from Chuncletas hotel. (Chuncletas- means flip-flops because you need them to walk on the hot sand at the beach). Once again found a great spot to move to, just up the beach from where we were. We scored, a room in a massive house and a really loverly cook, who was happy to have breakfast on the table when we got back from the surf.


The house was actually a medical centre. A project set up by an american lady, who came and visited the area years ago. She saw that the village needed a medical centre, so she built one. The doctors come and worked in the clinic next to the house once or twice a week. The house was well equip with 4 bedrooms set up for patients, however, they occasionally rent out these rooms to travels.

We are slowly getting stuck in this beautiful place. But, Mexico was calling and we had quite a few boarders to cross to get there so after the swell died off we decided to head on our way. But first a slight detour back to Managua city, to pick up the bloody car visa!



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