A change of plans….

Our road trip of Central America from Panama to Mexico and back again had come to an end. 6 months, 7 Countries (some visited twice), 7000kms driven, too many border crossings to count, no flat tyres,1 bogging, many new friends, surfed 1000s of waves! Have 1000s of memories and photos to show.


Thanks for the photos of us surfing Christy!

An incredible adventure it was!


Our next task was to sell Jimmy. We started by driving around car dealers and posting advertisements on the internet. Just 5 days after we arrived in David, Panama, we found (or they found us) a really nice, hard working Panamanian family that took a liking to Jimmy. On Friday the 21st of November (exactly 6 months after we bought it) we sold Jimmy. Just a small headache getting the paperwork all sorted, typical of Central American and something we had gotten used to.

It was sad to see our trusty car drive away but also a relief, especially for Tomy who was the one who had to deal with all the border crossings and paperwork side of the trip.


What next!? We had a rough idea what we wanted to do next. It was to get on a boat and sail to Columbia and then continue working our way down South America, back to Argentina… However things change.

The idea of dragging our surfboards and bags on and off buses, plans and boats for the next 3 months wasn’t as a appealing anymore. We had had the luxury of a car and the ability of going where we want, whenever we wanted and we had become soft travellers!

Tomy got a message from one of his friends who was living in a destination that everyone dreams of going. We looked up flights and it didn’t take us much convincing that we should indeed book them and go to…


Both Tomy and I have always wanted to go and live on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii for a winter of surfing… so thats exactly what we did.

The next 7 days were possibly the longest days of our lives. Hanging out with Gina in her hostel and watching the afternoon torrential down pours of rain… just waiting for our flight to leave. Finally on the 28th of November we were on our way.


We made it to Honolulu exhausted. We had flown from Panama city to Houston, Texas, landing with only 40 minutes before our next flight. We had to clear immigrations, customs, pick up and drop our surfboards and bags and ran from one end of the airport to the other. It was kinda like a movie. I arrived at the gate (Tomy had stopped at the toilets) just as the lady announced everyone was on board and they where just waiting on 2 more. Somehow, we made the flight to San Francisco, from there we took another flight to Hawaii.

Standing in the Honolulu airport at the oversized language area waiting, waiting… unfortunately our surfboards didn’t make it. We were told not to worry they will be delivered to our door when they get here.

We spent the night in a hotel in the city of Honolulu where our surfboards would be delivered. We made good use of the all you can eat breakfast and with no sign of our boards we decided to head to the north shore anyway. Rather lucky the surfboards didn’t make it, as this meant we could catch the local bus to the North Shore for $2.50 instead of a shuttle for $70 each.

By the time we got to the North Shore our phone battery had died and we had no idea how to get to Mati (Tomy’s friends house). We were sitting at the bus stop rather defeated and hot when who should drive past but Mati. Lucky!

That afternoon we watched the sunset over the world famous wave Pipeline and it all finally sunk in. We are in Hawaii and really really happy.


We stayed with Mati for a few days, while we searched for a more permanent place to stay and our boards did finally arrive. We found a room to rent in a house just 300m from the beach, right at the 5th mile of the 7 Mile miracle, a stretch of incredible waves, that break during the winter months. The house is a bit run down but will differently do the job. The backyard is full of banana, mango coconut tress and passionfruit vines that roll into a bit of a jungle. And the hot outdoor shower is a winer.

IMG_3738We have already being here for 3 weeks, its gone so quickly. Tomy has being helping out at the surfing contest at Pipeline, setting up and taking down the scaffolding. Thats being keeping him busy in-beween surfs.

IMG_3725The final day of the surfing contest, was on the other day. We were lucky enough to go down and watch it all happen. Its crazy, all these surfers we have watched on videos, we got to see getting incredible barrels at a world famous wave- Pipeline. It was awesome to see Julian Wilson a young Australian surfer win the contest.



Its really expensive to live here, rent and food are even more expensive then Australia. We are surviving, lucky the passion-fruits are in season. We are feeling really lucky to have ended up here and plan to stay for 2 months and get the chance to surf some amazing waves.

IMG_5127Merry Christmas friends and family x


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