We are coming home to Australia

What an incredible adventure it has being! We will arrive in Margaret River 1 year after we left.

The day before I left Margaret River, my friends had a Birthday/Goodbye BBQ for me. During the afternoon people wrote the day they thought we would return home on a piece of paper, I didn’t see the dates they wrote. The person who guessed the correct or closest day would win the prize to come and pick us up from the airport… Just a 6 hour return trip. Great prize!

11056996_10153578600046165_1147758098_nThe winner is Marcelo, which is funny because he had already offered to come and pick us up. Top bloke.

Everything seems too easy! Marcelo picks us up and takes us to his house, which we will move into and share with him. Tomy will return to his old job as chef cooking in a restaurant just 2km from our ‘new house’. I have signed a contract to work for the rest of the year at the same outdoor education company I was working with before.

And the best thing is, I’m actually really looking forward to coming home. I’m excited! I’m ready. And yes, the bank accounts are low (dangerously low). So we kind of don’t have a choice.

Since we arrived in Mar Del Plata we have being non-stop, visiting friends and family and eating way to much food. I even managed to fit in a little surf. It has being great fun but has taken its toll. I’m sick and I quickly passed it onto Tomy. I can’t stop sneezing and coughing.

I had planned to go to Uruguay to visit a good friend this week and realised I can’t I’m stuffed! I’m sick and can’t think about taking another bus, boat, taxi, bus- trip for a while. This was a hard decision as I had already told my friend I was coming and was really looking forward to ending the trip with a bang!

Instead, we are with Tomys Grandies, who I’m loving hanging out with. It’s the same building that we stayed in when we first come to Mar Del Plata back in April last year. We are on the 13th floor overlooking the ocean.


It’s time to relax, get better and enjoy the last few days here. The only stressful time is telling Grandma that I’m full and no I can’t possible eat anything more or I will actually explode. I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to this situation, so to avoid it we continue to eat more.


Before we get on our finally plane to the west coast of Australia, we will have a few weeks on the east cost. The dream isn’t over yet. We will spend some more time catching up with family and family, hopping from house to house.

Thanks for reading and your support so far it’s being fun to write a blog. It’s being a surprise to me, and to many people that knew I struggled to pass my spelling and reading test at school! (I know there are still a few mistakes, but I’ll sure you get the idea).

I’m currently participating in a ‘photo a day challenge’ for the weekdays (check out the previous blog post). I hope to start to write some things in Spanish for the family here in Argentina and the Latinos I’ve met along the way.


Finally the biggest thank you to those people that we have met along the way. I can’t name you all, but you know who you are.


The people who we shared a wave with. The people who became our friends. The people we shared a simply meal with. The people who opened their homes and shared a story with us. To the people who gave us a lift when we didn’t have a car. To the people that challenged us along the way. And of course to the people that just smiled and welcomed us into their country.

Thank you to the places we have visited, the sunsets we have watched and especially to the countless waves we have surfed.

What an incredible journey we have being so lucky to have. Yes we worked hard for it! Some people choose a house or a car or even a quick 2 week trip somewhere exotic. We decided to spend our money on a year long incredible adventure.

Thank you Tomy for sharing this adventure!


***This blog is not a guidebook just a collection of ‘Tales Of Mild Interest!’ Sam.C.


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