Photography 101 Week 4

The final week of the photo challenge.



My new treasure. A new surfboard handmade by Tomy. While Tomy was in Sydney for a few extra days he had the opportunity to shape a surfboard in a friends shed. He gave it to me as an early birthday prezzi. How lucky am I!

Day 17: GLASS


Another beautiful flower from my parents garden on the window-sil in my room, looking out the window to the paddock.

Day 18: EDGE


Some ornaments found in my parents garden. The edge is the table that they are all sitting on.

Day 19: DOUBLE 


Two feet and two frangipani flowers.

Day 20: TRIUMPH 


On the finally day of the photo challenge, we decided to have a family beach day, my parents, Tomy and Max my brother who is pictured in the photo. He also shares a passion for photography and here he is taking a beautiful photo of the misty paddock as the sun was coming over the tress. It was a beautiful sunny day at the beach. We all come home wet-haired and happy.


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