About us

IMG_1801 We met in Margaret River playing soccer. Shortly after, Tomy rang me one day and said ‘I have two ice creams and one is for you. So where are you?’

I quickly fell in love with his caring, generous nature! In 2012 we spent two incredible months in Tahiti, surfing and eating good local food and surfing some more.


In January, 2013 on Tomy’s birthday we got married on the beach, at sunset in front of a very small crowd. Later that year we had a big ‘second wedding’ at our house over looking the ocean, with all our family and friends.


We both share a strong passion for the ocean and spend as much time as we can in it, near it, or thinking about. We surf as much as we can, same days twice!

We worked full-time until we had saved as much as we could to go and see the world, or at least South and Central America. Tomy was working as a chef at a local restaurant, where he had to endure a view of world class waves. I was working for an outdoor education company.

In April 2014 we quit our jobs packed up our belongings, sold our cars and left our little sleepy beach-side town behind. We plan to be away for a year, depends if we find a place as good as home and can’t leave, or the money runs out…


Our trip began in Argentina- Tomy’s home town of Mar Del Plata. We then flew to Panama City and brought a car, which we named Jimmy. We drove from Panama City to Puerto Escondido, Mexico and then back again.  When we arrived back in Panama we sold our trusting car Jimmy

Angie Tomas Peace Sign Square Crop 4

The next part of our trip was to travel down through South America back to Argentina, starting with a sailing trip through the San Blas Islands to Columbia. But things changed and we brought plane tickets to Oahu, Hawaii instead.


We stayed for the winter, living and surfing on the North Shore. After 2 months we left Hawaii and flew back to Argentina. We explored some of the south of Argentina and then headed back to Mar Del Plata, where we stayed for 3 more weeks before heading home to Australia.


When we returned home, it was exactly 1 year after we left our sleepy beach town.

We are settling back into our old, but refreshed lives. We are both lucky enough to have walked back into old jobs ‘wet haired and happy’ (this is an expression our friend says after a good surf). And its certainly true for us after spending most of our year catching incredible waves.

One thing is for sure we loved our year traveling and exploring and are certainly gratefully for the opportunity to be able to do it. However, its also showed us how lucky we are to live where we do and live the lifestyle we love.

I hope to write 4 times a year, with each season and share a bit about our ‘normally life’ with you.


Thanks for reading.



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